There are few kinds of snake venom that exist in animals. Venomous snakes such as … Who is to be cautious with Snakes?

Venomous vs Non-Venomous Snakes

The Indian cobra The poisonous snakes can kill you on the spot if you get bitten on the skin. You can avoid this dangerous snake only if you stay at a distance from it

Death adder The death adder has the poisonous venom in it. In India, you can encounter it at the N.B.C. Police Lines in Mumbai.

Eastern green snake (asiatic pit viper) The Eastern green snake, in India, is also called “Lethal and Killer Snake”, due to the poisonous venom it releases to kill its prey.

Let’s take the example of the Bull Snake. Bull Snake is classified as a venomous snake. The Bullsnake is toxic only when there is a small amount of its body that has been bitten

A venomous snake is not found in the fields, forests are not usually active hunters, and eat mostly bamboos or leaves to consume as food.

When there is a snake, we immediately know that it is venomous. If you are bitten by any non-venomous snake and have no swelling in your body

Despite being venomous and non-venomous, they both belong to the class of poisonous snakes as they are believed to have toxicity.

Snakes are known to be non venomous in the sense that, they do not have venom as its source of energy but they are poisonous when cut, scratched or crushed.