There are 3600 species of snakes alone and many species will be such that are yet to be discovered. Of these, only 375 species are such that are poisonous.

Top 8 Unique Snakes

Think snakes run so fast without legs, what will happen if they start flying. The fantasy of a flying snake is like a nightmare or a Hollywood movie.

As the name suggests, its tail must have looked like a spider and its hunting method is also similar, it attracts its prey by showing its tail and hunts it when it comes near.

The Barbados Threadsnake is the smallest species of snake. It is found in Caribbean Barbados. Barbados was discovered in 2008.

This snake got its name because of its boar-like nose. Hognose snake is found in North America. They like to live in places like sandy soil and fields.

By the way, this snake got this name due to its bright blue color. But don’t take the risk by looking at its beauty because it is known as a killer snake.

This unique-looking snake is found in Indonesia and Australia. It got this name because of its unusual skin. Its skin is loose and wrinkled.

The Red Spitting Cobra is found in East Africa. This snake is a very fast and alert snake and its length can be up to 5 feet.

These snakes are small in size, up to about 80 centimeters. This snake eats frogs and small insects. There are about 30 types of garter snakes.