The Trinket Snake (sometimes called the Trinket) is a small to medium-sized snake that grows to be about 6 feet long 

Trinket Snake

Trinket Snake

The Trinket can be found all over the world, with the exception of Antarctica and Australia, since it cannot tolerate cold temperatures.

It primarily lives in forests, but it can also be found in grasslands and deserts as well. There are two subspecies of the Trinket Snake

The trinket snake is a Kenyan and Indian snake whose habitat is the southwest Indian Ocean and the west coast of Africa.

Trinket snakes have tubes that run from their eyes to their nostrils. This means that there is no need for an external respiratory system, as the trinket snake inhales through its mouth.

They are often found in beaches, mangroves, and other water-adjacent habitats. The smell of the various species of Trinket Snakes is particularly unique

What is a Trinket Snake’s habitat? Trinket Snakes prefer to live in sandstone caves on hillsides of mountains. These openings allow sunlight and air to reach their dens below

They are also good swimmers, easily crossing bodies of water such as lakes or rivers. Due to their relatively small size and large habitat range

Trinket snakes have an omnivorous diet, meaning they will eat almost anything that can fit into their mouths.