Top 6 Venomous Snakes of India

For poisonous animals, India’s dark, deep woods provide suitable habitat. Giant snakes, scorpions, and venomous spiders find plenty of prey in these jungles.

With 270 kinds of snakes, 60 of which are highly venomous, India is home to a plethora of lethal creatures, including the world’s deadliest snake, the king cobra.

The Indian or spectacled cobra, the common krait, Russell’s viper, and the saw-scaled viper are among the so-called great four snakes of India.

The Nag, commonly known as the Indian or spectacled cobra, is an extremely poisonous snake found in India.

Spectacled Cobra

Common Krait

The Indian Krait, also known as the Common Krait, is a venomous snake that may be found in the Indian Subcontinent’s jungles and towns.

Russell’s Viper

More people have been killed by Russell’s viper than by any other snake in India. This deadly snake, which may be found throughout the country

Saw-Scaled Viper

The saw-scaled viper is distinguished by its larger-than-average eyes, a head that is wider than the neck, and a stocky body.

King Cobra

The king cobra is the world’s longest venomous snake, with a length of up to 5.5 metres and the ability to elevate its head 2 metres above the ground.

In India, snake bites claim the lives of about 50,000 people each year. Click Below To Read Full Article