The Titanoboa, of course, is the largest snake to ever exist. It belonged to the family Of Colubridae

The Discovery

The remains of a nearly complete and articulated carcass of Titanoboa were found in the Santa Marta Mountains of the Colombian Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

The Size

The Titanoboa skull is the largest snake skull ever discovered. It was as long as a male human arm, and almost as tall as a man.

The evolution of Titanoboa

The discovery of these fossils is particularly significant because it demonstrates how advanced the jungle was during the middle Miocene epoch of the Oligocene Epoch

The same way that the king cobra is the largest snake in Africa, the Titanoboa is the largest snake to have ever lived. In fact, the largest snake that ever existed

While searching for deposits to mine in the 1960s, miner Jaime Jaramillo found the fossil in the Cerrejón mine, which was used to process gold and silver since the 16th century.

According to Scientific American, the miners found a five-foot snake’s head and four feet of tail. It took forty years before anyone could study the fossils

Titanoboa: A Contextual Creation Though the fossil was declared a hoax in the 1970s, research of the fossils continued.

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