Green Mamba

The eastern green mamba is a protected species and cannot be harmed with a bare hand. You should not try to handle a green mamba if you see one

What is the green mamba?

This western African species is distinguished from all other mambas by having one or more yellow-green color bands running along the posterior portion of its body

Where does it live?

When green mambas are threatened they make a series of grunting sounds. This helps them to camouflage their body against their surroundings

How dangerous is it?

The eastern green mamba is the second most deadly snake species in the world, with a bite reportedly capable of inducing cardiac arrest and causing respiratory failure.

Never try to catch or kill the snake yourself. It is a nocturnal animal and will try to escape, so call a professional. If bitten, immediately seek medical attention.

When you Face Mamba? 

Green Mamba Bite Symptoms

The bite of the eastern green mamba is extremely painful, and one of the few reported cases of a survivor said the venom caused “excruciating pain.

First Aid for Snake Bite

There is no antidote for bites by the eastern green mamba, but treatment is indicated to limit the risk of envenomation and serious injury.

How can you Snake bite

This is by far one of the most popular questions we get asked at the snake clinic. After all, most of the snake bite victims we see at the clinic

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