Northern Water Snake

The Northern Water Snake is a large, nonvenomous snake that inhabits freshwater habitats across North America.

The body is a uniform dull gray or brown, usually with a row of dark spots down the back and a light belly.

The most notable feature of a juvenile watersnake is its distinctive yellow dorsal stripe, which is the only species with this characteristic.

The Northern Water Snake is usually found in creeks, streams, ponds, and other still freshwater habitats. They are typically olive green or brown in color

You might see these snakes on the banks or near the water’s edge during typical activity periods that last from April to October.

A Northern Water Snake is a non-venomous reptile native to North America. They are usually brown, tan, or gray with darker shades on the brown blotches

The watersnake’s coloration is variable, though it is usually a mottled dark pattern on a lighter background.

The crown of the head has black spots, and may also have a black streak from the eye to the corner of the mouth. 

One of the most common species in North America, the watersnake is an excellent swimmer and can be found near water.