Indigo Snake

The Texas Indigo Snake is a fairly large nonvenomous snake that can grow to be six feet long. As the name suggests, the subspecies are typically found in Texas and parts of Mexico. 

The subspecies’ color can vary from dark brown with black markings to black overall. The Texas Indigo Snake can typically be identified  

Males are larger than females, averaging around 3 feet in length, but females are still quite large at about 2 feet long.

Texas Indigo Snakes are generally found in wooded, rocky areas. Indigo snakes are not aggressive but will strike if startled or provoked.

They are considered among the most common of nonvenomous snakes. Males can grow to nearly 6 feet. Females are usually about half that size

A Texas Indigo Snake is a type of snake that can be found in the southern United States. They are not currently protected by the government

Texas Indigo Snakes are native to Texas and Mexico. They can be identified by their banded pattern, which has dark rings alternating with light ones

How do I identify the Texas Indigo Snake? If you come across a snake and need to know what type it is, you should be able to identify the snake’s color and markings.

Still, if you’re not sure about something, we recommend that you check with a local wildlife expert before approaching the animal.