Superstitions About Super Snake

There are many Superstitions in India about Super Snakes and due to these superstitions, snakes have to face many problems.

On one side, in a country like India where snakes are worshiped. On the other side, snakes are harassed in many ways.

Snake charmers catch snakes and make them dance, but scientists say that snakes can see moving things very easily.

This is a fictional ancient tale of India. Desired snakes (serpent and serpent) are creatures of divine power that can sometimes take the form of human beings.

Some snakes especially Cobra are believed to bear a gem on their head. it is believed this gem shines and illuminates the surrounding area.

Hidden treasure means buried treasure in most cases. In Indian ancient legends, treasures were often hidden in earthen pots (mats)

Is believed to be a picture of a person killed in the eyes of a killed snake. Later, the dead snake pair discovers the killer and bails him to avenge him.

It is believed that the dead snake should be burnt so that all the evidence of his death is erased otherwise his partner will find his dead body and avenge his murder.

Reptile experts or scientists who study snakes never complain that they have been chased by snakes because they know that snakes are shy creatures