Spectacled Cobra

Everyone is afraid of this snake. I am afraid too and to eradicate this fear I tried to learn more about them and I found that as my knowledge was reading about them

Snake is a mysterious creature that has many aspects that make this creature different from others. Let me tell you what I learned about them.

The word cobra is derived from the Portuguese sentence cobra the Capello. A cobra spreads its ribs to the form of a hood.

The cobra species is Ovi Paris which means that females of the snake species i.e. the serpent lay eggs.

Cobra venom also contains cytotoxins, which affect cells. The cytotoxic effect causes cells or cells to melt.

cobra venom also contains cardiotoxins that affect the heart of the victim or its heart, causing the victim to have a heart attack.

The cobra is famous worldwide for its venom, but you must be surprised to know that the cobra is not counted among the world’s 10 most poisonous snakes.

They do this only for self-defense. It is estimated that about 45 times out of 100, they self-protect, without biting the poison.

When snakes bite humans, in some cases they die within 15 minutes. But in all other cases, there is an hour or more. To read more