Snake can deceive their prey and confuse predators or kill them in the blink of an eye to venom with their tremendous power.

they can live for many years without eating. and without legs snakes walk and swim. also, climb trees, Snakes even fly, It can remain completely in the water.

They undergoing the process of leaving their old skin to move strangely and become irritated. They start from the side of the head and removes it from full or larger pieces.

Snakes are vertebrate animals, they have a spinal cord made up of interlinked units called vertebrae. Therefore, snakes are members of the association Vertebrata or vertebrates.

Flakes are found in reptiles but no hair or feathers are found. Shucks prevent moisture loss and prevent internal tissue from drying.

All reptiles are cold-blooded or asymmetrical creatures. Scientists call these exosomes or ectotherms. This means that these animals do not keep the body temperature constant

Reptiles are found in almost all places on the earth, including the sea. Especially in tropical areas, they are found in extreme and many variations

Just as tortoises, lizards, and crocodiles are reptiles, snakes are also reptile creatures. All snakes have similarities with other reptiles such as turtles, lizards, and crocodiles

The snakes have been kept in the Gana Swavamata which also have lizards, but their position is kept different from the crocodile and gharial gan Crocodilia