Snake Discovery

To understand why snakes are suddenly so plentiful in Australia, you need to look back at the last three decades. These animals usually thrive in very cold environments

Koolhaas pointed to the Ivanhoe’s collection of pit vipers, including the world’s heaviest venomous snake, the Burmese python.

The list of snakes includes A diamond-back rattlesnake, one of the most venomous on earth The Texas rattlesnake, which is the largest in the world

The coral snake The rat snake The northern copperhead snake, which is the most venomous of the 15 or so snakes in North America that are classified as venomous

Snakes In The Colorado Desert The Colorado Desert stretches from the Antelope Valley of Southern California in the north to the far southeast corner of the state.

Family of Spitting Cobras A 2008 study found that their venom is 20 times more deadly than any of the 450 venoms examined in biomedical sciences.

The Cobra, Crotalus cerastes Only 500 to 1,000 cobras are capable of spitting venom at a time, and each muscle in the snake’s mouth is responsible for spitting individually.

Eastern diamondbacks are the largest and heaviest of all rattlesnakes, with a length of 3 feet and weight of up to 150 pounds.

Copperheads and cottonmouths are found in the southwestern United States, from southern New Mexico and Arizona to southern Texas and northern Mexico.