Smooth Snake

A small, non-venomous, terrestrial snake belonging to the genus Coronella, the smooth snake (Coronella austriaca) also known as the European smooth snake or common smooth snake.

The smooth snake is a small slender species of snake that is common throughout much of Eurasia. They are typically found near meadows

Their coloration ranges from dark brown to light brown with orange patches on the neck and tail. Smooth snakes are non-venomous.

Males have proportionately longer tails than females which are usually about 1/3 the length of their body. Mating season occurs between April and September

While the range of the smooth snake is not known for certain, it is found in many countries throughout Asia. These include but are not limited to: India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Pakistan.

On average, the size of this snake is about 24 to 36 inches long. The females grow slightly bigger than the males.

The weight for a fully grown individual is about 3 pounds. Smooth snakes are not venomous and use constriction to subdue their prey.

The smooth snake can live up to 20 years in captivity and 18 years in the wild. It can be found in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America.

The diet of the smooth snake consists of small vertebrates and invertebrates. This species will consume rodents, lizards, amphibians, birds, and their eggs.