Sea Snakes

Sea snakes are mainly divided into two groups: species that live exclusively in saltwater, and species that live in freshwater.

Several species from each subfamily have evolved the ability to tolerate the corrosive environment of marine waters

Most of the species are found in tropical coral reefs and other coastal environments. Some, like sea kraits, scaphocephali, and ichthyophis

However, sea snakes are one of the least venomous snakes, and it is quite unlikely that a sea snake will attack you.

Their remarkable ability to balance on sea turtle shells, use camouflage to look like coral, and withstand saltwater has made sea snakes an iconic symbol of the ocean.

Sea Snakes are between 6 and 20 inches long The most common color is grayish-black or dark blue and green

Killer of Fishes and eels, due to its ability to open the body Eggs are laid on the bottom of shallow sea Diet For the adults

Some sea scorpions have jaws and stingers, while others have horns. Some have venom, while others do not.

According to one study, the most deadly venomous snake on the planet is actually a sea snake (“Squalicorax ocellatus”).