Ridge-Nosed Rattlesnake

Ridge-nosed rattlesnakes (Crotalus willardi) are members of the genus Crotalus, which includes about 25 species of North American rattlesnakes

These medium-sized pit vipers are native to arid and rocky regions of New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and Mexico’s Chihuahua state.

They don’t often bite people, but they can deliver a nasty bite if they do, so care must be taken to keep them as pets.

The Ridge-Nosed Rattlesnake has a scientific name which describes its physical appearance quite well.

These snakes grow to be between 36 – 60 cm long. Most adults average around 48 – 54  cm long. These rattlers are not very aggressive but will defend themselves if provoked.

These snakes can strike their prey from 2/3 of their body length away! Their venom is hemotoxic and causes bleeding problems that lead to death

Its scientific name is Crotalus willardi. This species has two subspecies; Crotalus willardi willardi (Texas) and Crotalus willardi obscurus (New Mexico).

These snakes are distributed in rocky areas, semiarid shrublands, grasslands, juniper woodlands, desertscrub and pine forests.

They are most commonly found in foothills, valleys and mountain slopes with rock outcroppings.