Rat Snake

Rat snake, also known as Dhaman snake or Ghoda Pachhad in India. This snake is found in 7 to 8 colors, black Rat Snake, yellow, red, brown, and grey.

These snakes eat rats and frogs. Therefore, these snakes are mostly seen around human settlements and in fields.

These snakes are also called friends of farmers because it eats up to 20,000 thousand rats in its lifetime.

These snakes are found almost everywhere. So many times in India people kill this snake as a cobra.Most of the Rat snakes are yellow from below and some are white. 

This snake can be 14 to 15 feet long. Their head is smaller than the size of the body and these snakes are very sharp and agile.

Like other snakes, these snakes find their prey by tasting chemical elements in the air with the help of their tongue. These snakes live for 30 to 40 years.

Most of these snakes are not dangerous to humans because their venom is either very slow or ingested in such small quantities that it is not fatal.

Many times the snake’s mouth is too small to bite a human, Or its faces are very weak in terms of piercing the human skin

Rat snakes are not poisonous but can bite in self-defense. must take medical advice on the snake bites. To Read More