The Olive Python is a species of snake native to parts of Africa and Asia. It’s one of the longest pythons in the world

There are several different subspecies of the Olive Python, including the Burmese Python, Indian Python, and African Rock Python

Olive pythons, also known as Stromberg’s pythons, are native to Western Australia. They are medium-sized snakes (typically 20 to 30 inches long)

Olive pythons rarely bite humans but do have a strong venom that can cause paralysis. These pythons generally eat small mammals, birds, and eggs

Olive pythons are found in tropical forests and rainforests, primarily on islands. You’ll typically find them in mountainous regions of Southeast Asia

Olive pythons are medium-sized species of python, growing to an average length of 3.2 meters. They are mostly green in color with darker olive green markings

Olive pythons are long-lived snakes. Their average lifespan is anywhere from 20 to 25 years, but they’ve been known to live into their late 30s.

Olive pythons (Brachypython olivaceus) are considered a communal species, meaning they do not interact with humans as much as other reptiles.

Olive pythons are very fast-growing snakes, meaning they need frequent meals in order to grow properly. A juvenile olive python should eat every 10-14 days