You will be surprised to know that 95% of India’s snakes are not venomous, but due to a lack of accurate information, we kill these snakes as venomous.

Non-Venomous Snakes

Rat Snake (Ptyas Mucosa)

The rat snake is also called Dhaman snake in Hindi. It’s called a ghoda pachhad snake in the common language in India.

Green Keelback Snake

Green keelback snake is also called grass snake or green snake. This snake hides in small plants and bushes. It has a maximum length of 2 1/2 to 3 feet.

A Wolf snake is a brown-colored small-faced snake. White stripes start from the top of this snake’s mouth, which is spread all over its body.

Common Wolf Snake

This is a common snake that is greenish-brown and has black-colored stripes on its body. Its face is triangle-shaped.

Banded Kukri Snake

Checkered Keelback

We also know the name Checkered Keelback Snake as Water-Snake. Checks are made on the entire body of this snake. It is found in two to three colors.

Red Sand Boa

Red sand boa is a very common snake and is also known by the name of the two-mouth snake. On seeing this snake, it appears as if it has two mouths.


Indian Python as we know it as Python. Its length varies from 14 to 16 feet. The surface of this snake is very smooth.

Shield-Tailed Snake

Shield Tail Snake This is a very beautiful and cute snake and looks like a red sand boa snake but it has no two mouths. To read more