Monocled Cobra

The monocled cobra is a very beautiful snake that is found throughout South and Southeast Asia. They have an O-shaped monocled hood pattern on the back of their hood.

young monocled cobras can be brown, yellow, brown, or black, they have a black spot on the underside of the hood on either side and a single tummy on the back.

The rest of the abdomen is usually the same color as the back, but lighter. With age, the snake turns yellow, with the adult brown or olive in color.

Monocled cobras are found from India in the west to China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. These snakes are also found on the Malay Peninsula

These cobras prefer to live near watery places, such as paddy fields, swamps, grasslands, bushes and can also be found in forests.

Monocled cobras can live both on land and in water. These snakes live in wet places around rice fields and in the holes of trees.

A monocled cobra is a carnivorous animal. It has mainly been observed eating rats, frogs, eggs, other snakes, and occasionally fish.

These snakes meet between January and March. Their meeting time ranges from 55 to 73 days. In which the female lays from 16 to 33 eggs.

Just like all cobras, monocled cobras are territorial and will resist attempts at capture and confining them.