Interesting Facts about Snakes

 The snake is a reptile creature. Snakes are found in both water and land. It does not have eyelids. even does not have legs. It moves with the help of its skin.

Its jaws are divided into two parts so that they Can easily swallow prey. There are many facts about snakes, about which people are not fully aware

Do you know that there are about 3500 species of snakes in the world, of which only 250 are such species can kill humans?

 Most snakes bite once and run away, but the Black Mamba snake of Africa bites many times. This snake can travel up to 23 kilometers in 1 hour.

Reptiles are found almost everywhere in the world except in some places like Antarctica, Ireland, Iceland, New Zealand, Greenland.

 There are about 300 species of snakes in India, out of which only 50 species are poisonous. The remaining species are completely innocent.

 There are 5 species of snakes that can fly. These snakes can leap from the tree and fly from 300 to 400 feet.

 The python does not bite the prey, it kills the prey by pressing it. Snakes do not have ears, they listen through vibration

 The snake uses its poison for hunting and self-defense, not to kill humans. Every Year 100,000 people are killed by snakes all over the world.