Green Anaconda

These snakes are found in the forests of South America. The color of anaconda is usually dark green. 

Black-colored spots are found on its body. This snake lives mostly in swampy places and its body color helps in hiding it. Its nose and eyes are on the upper part of the head

Anaconda is always near the water. It becomes more active in the evening and at night, seeking food for itself and roaming near the river drains in search of its prey.

The victims of anaconda are mostly large organisms because they cannot hunt small organisms due to their huge physique. Anaconda swallows its prey completely.

The green anaconda is not poisonous. Its greatest strength lies in its big size. It has the power to crush the largest animal. If someone gets caught in its grip once, then it is impossible to escape.

Anaconda mostly hunts large organisms such as turtles, wild boars, fishes, and crocodiles. They do not need to eat weeks or months after eating a large organism.

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