Dragon Snake

Dragon snake is a special animal that has scales like a dragon and body of a snake. They are usually found in the rivers and seas near the water.

Dragon snakes live in both water and on land. They are usually the size of a garden hose, but sometimes they can grow to over 3 feet long.

Dragon snakes have a color that ranges from light gray to brown or black, with darker stripes running down their back.

They also have a pointed snout, which helps them live in water as well as on land. On land, dragon snakes hunt for small animals like lizards and frogs.

When hunting in water, it’s easier for them to catch fish because they use their tongue-flicking technique.

Dragon snake are large, non-venomous snakes found in Asia (typically Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia).

Dragon snakes live in trees or on the ground. They will eat fish, frogs, mice, and other small mammals. Dragon Snake are not dangerous to humans

Dragon Snake, is a small non-venomous, semi-fossorial Colubrid snake belonging to the monotypic genus Xenodermus.

X. javanicus prefers to live near water bodies (such as creeks, lakes, and slow-moving rivers) and swamp areas, where it is most active at night.