The Cutest Snakes in the World

Snakes can be very cute pets! They are interesting, calm, and mysterious. But not all cute snakes are good pets

This snake is found in Southern Asia. It is green in color and has white-colored stripes on top of it. This snake is semi venomous.

on hearing the name of this snake, you must have understood that the head of this snake will be red in color, which is very beautiful in appearance.

This snake is very beautiful because the color of this snake is like the green leaves of trees. This snake is often found in Australia and Niugini Islands

as its name itself you may have come to know that it is a blue snake. This snake is found on Peninsula Island and this snake likes to live in a wet place very much.

this snake is green and very beautiful in appearance, which is found in the southern forest of India. This snake got its name Green keelback

This white snake, which is milk-colored in appearance, has been caught in the Australian forest. According to the World Forest Organization, these snakes are now rarely seen.

It is a very beautiful and cute snake found in North America. There are many species of this snake. But the snake we are talking about.

The ball python is also called Royal Python. It is a python species snake found in West and Central Africa. This snake lives in bushes, grasslands, and forests.