Coral snakes and king snakes both make popular pets because of their calm, non-aggressive nature. If you have one of these reptiles at home

Coral snake vs King Snake

In this article, we will compare coral snake vs king snake to determine which type of snake you should choose as your next pet.

Though coral snakes and king snakes share the same habitat, coral snakes are actually more closely related to rattlesnakes than king snakes are.

Both of these snakes are venomous, which means they can inject a toxin through their bite. Coral snakes get their name from their slender red

The patterns on king snakes vary widely among individuals, but they always have brown, tan, or gray blotches running down their backs.

Coral snakes and king snakes may look very similar in appearance, but there are a few key differences. Coral snakes are generally more brightly colored

The red, yellow, and black bands of a coral snake, for example, tend to be much wider than those of a king snake.

Meanwhile, corals’ reds tend to be more orange or pinkish than red-orange like many kings’ colors. Another difference between corals and kings is size

Coral snakes and king snakes are both found in Florida, but coral snakes are more common. Both are non-venomous, so they can’t bite or hurt you with their teeth.