Copperhead Snake

The copperhead snake (Agkistrodon contortrix) has beautiful coloring and patterns, but that shouldn’t be your first clue about what to expect from this dangerous snake.

Copperheads are actually quite shy and non-confrontational, so most of the time you won’t even know it’s there.

Copperheads are named for their head markings that look like a copper penny and are one of four venomous snake species found in North America.

These snakes typically range from two to three feet long and have a dark coloration with brown or greenish-tan bands

They feed on small mammals, lizards, birds, frogs, and other snakes. Copperheads don’t chase after prey but instead wait near trails they’ve scented until an animal passes

Copperheads are mainly found in wooded areas, but they can also be found in grasslands and plains. copperheads usually only move into open areas when traveling or looking for a new home 

Copperheads are considered one of North America’s most dangerous snakes, but it is a reputation that only applies when you engage with them.

The best way to avoid being bitten by any snake is simply giving them space and making noise when entering any area that could harbor these creatures.

The copperhead is not aggressive but will defend itself if threatened. The bite of a copperhead is rarely fatal.