Anaconda vs Python

On one side is the Green Anaconda which is the world’s largest and heaviest snake. On the other hand, is the reticulated python which is the longest snake in the world.

So if there is a fight between these two, then who will be the winner of this fight. Will Python be able to beat Anaconda or will Anaconda defeat Python to become the winner of this battle.

Green Anaconda is the largest snake in the world. Because it weighs the most among all the snakes in the world. Therefore they are also called giant anaconda.

the reticulated python is the world’s longest snake. As well as Asia’s most It is a big snake. An adult reticulated python has a length between 15 and 21 feet

Green anaconda and reticulated python both have different patterns on their bodies. On the body of the green anaconda

According to the Guinness Book, the world’s longest reticulated python is 25 feet 2 inches. And weighs 158 kg. this snake was found in Malaysia in 2011 and named Medusa.

Friends, green anaconda, and reticulated python are both bulky snakes. This means they weigh a lot, so their speed on the ground is very low.

The patterns on the body of the reticulated python help hide them in their natural habitat so that other animals cannot easily see them.

Where they wait for hours for their prey. The eyes of the anaconda and their details are on the very top of their head. To Read More

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