Albino Corn Snake

The Albino Corn Snake has white skin, grey hair, and black eyes The Albino Corn Snake is a medium-sized, possibly rattlesnake-sized, snake.

While snakes can be downright white! Their heads are shaped like a heart. Pregnancies Albino Corn Snakes rarely birth Albino Eggs, although they can.

Although Albino Animals are only occasionally born, there are two main varieties: Hypopigmentation and Leucism.

Albino is a scientific term that refers to a variety of colors that are white and reflect the reflection of light more readily than other colors.

Albino snakes are not completely white and instead, have a base coat that is a metallic copper color, and underneath, they are mostly silver.

Albino snakes have pale green eyes and dull gray body color. The mouth of an Albino is white. Since Albinos do not require any pigment in order to be healthy

Albino’s are very curious and enjoy exploring new things. Some of the things they enjoy doing include but are not limited to, bathing in rocks and rotting meat

Lorem Here’s what you need to know about how to care for an Albino Corn Snake. What Do Albino Corn Snakes Eat? Corn Snakes need to be fed a reptile diet to be healthy. 

Large Corn Snakes (A. porcellus) generally require more protein and will usually require around 40 grams a day. To Read More