10 Most Venomous Snakes in The World

Let us tell you that Snake is the most venomous animal in the world and more than 3500 species of snakes are found in the world, out of which about 500 are venomous

King Cobra

It is the most venomous snake in India, Its length can be up to 20 feet. It has the ability to bite anyone from 3 meters away.

A one-time bite of an Inland Taipan snake causes at least 110 milligrams of poison in a person’s body. Up to 100 people and up to 2,50,000 rats can die 

Inland Taipan


The Rattlesnake is the most poisonous snake in North America. This snake is recognized because of rings made at the end of its tail.

Black Mamba

Black Mamba is the most dangerous snake found in all of Africa. Its length is about 14 feet and not only that it can run at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

Tiger Snake

The tiger snake is found in Australia and this snake is very venomous. This snake is very aggressive and bites back when disturbed.

Philippine Cobra

The Philippine cobra is the most dangerous snake found in the northern part of the Philippines. Philippine cobra is more venomous and dangerous

Death adder

This snake is found in New Guinea, Australia. Its main victims are snakes and it uses its venom against them. Its attack on humans is for self-defense.

Eastern Brown Snake

This snake found in Australia is very venomous. Even a small part of its poison is enough to eliminate a human being.