Venomous vs Non-Venomous Snakes: The Difference Between the Two

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In this article we will talk about Venomous vs Non-Venomous Snakes about Most of us would know venomous snakes by its common name. As for the non-venomous snakes we would see them in all forms around us, and snakes do make us feel that they are lethal to humans.

But, according to some scientists, snakes which don’t have their venomous venom (females, young and babies) are extremely beneficial to humans and play a great role in their ecology.

How we use these snakes can be found at snakes-nonvenomous-benefits. One common misconception about venomous snakes is that humans are at a greater risk when bitten by these snakes.

When it comes to snakes, there is no one true answer. The answer lies in your cultural and evolutionary background and the way you live in that environment.

What is snake venom?

There are few kinds of snake venom that exist in animals. Venomous snakes such as … Who is to be cautious with Snakes?

Venomous snakes vs. non-venomous snakes

If you may want to remove poison from your skin, then stick to the following snake types. However, if you wish to kill a snake, then stay away from the snakes having venom. Venomous snakes can harm you:

1. The Indian cobra The poisonous snakes can kill you on the spot if you get bitten on the skin. You can avoid this dangerous snake only if you stay at a distance from it, not at its nest or habitat.

2. Death adder The death adder has the poisonous venom in it. In India, you can encounter it at the N.B.C. Police Lines in Mumbai.

3. Eastern green snake (asiatic pit viper) The Eastern green snake, in India, is also called “Lethal and Killer Snake”, due to the poisonous venom it releases to kill its prey.

Why do some venomous snakes have no poisonous bite?

Let’s take the example of the Bull Snake. Bull Snake is classified as a venomous snake. The Bullsnake is toxic only when there is a small amount of its body that has been bitten and it is extremely sensitive skin.

This is why these snakes are not affected by most snake bites or even by most snake bites but the time it takes before the victim is affected is very short. Are all snakes venomous? Rattlesnakes are considered venomous because they have fangs that can inject poisonous fluid.

However, Rattlesnake which cannot inject fluid is not a venomous but non-venomous snake. The origins of snakes can be traced back to almost 200 million years ago.

In 2014, scientists were able to identify a strain of human DNA in a snake that suggested the presence of an ancient hominin ancestor.

Why are some non-venomous snakes poisonous?

Because they are active predators and the prey eaters in turn eat the snake. Snake poison is called thorns.

A venomous snake is not found in the fields, forests are not usually active hunters, and eat mostly bamboos or leaves to consume as food. * Kabutops (copperhead) is a venomous snake, it has this hollow fangs or venom glands to kill animals.

When there is a snake, we immediately know that it is venomous. If you are bitten by any non-venomous snake and have no swelling in your body, it means the snake was not venomous, which means its teeth do not have any venom.

* Labrys (also known as “Snake Slayer” in ancient mythology) is a non-venomous snake that can kill predators and eats both meat and a plant-based diet.

Venom vs Poison

Vegetarian diet is very rare in humans as we consume proteins made from animal sources. * Mostly Snake Venom is produced in their skin as a defense mechanism but they can also produce it through glands in their body like pituitary gland and kidneys.*

Despite being venomous and non-venomous, they both belong to the class of poisonous snakes as they are believed to have toxicity.

In case of snake bites a human will definitely be poisoned but will not die in absence of certain aspects. What is venom? Vital for the proper digestion of food, the venom is usually created from the venom glands of a snake.

Venomous Snakes

Basically, all the snakes are venomous, however, only the following snakes are considered venomous or venomous snakes in each region.

Black Mamba, Toxic Crocodile, Gila Monster, Gambusia (Crocodile) with live cobras, Python with Cobra, King cobra, LanceEaten Python with Crystal pit viper, Python (Coluber), Indian cobra (Kukulkan), Gila Monster (Sarcophilus), Grey krait, Sumatran krait, Cobra (Naja siamensis), Solitary dewclaw (Cerastes), Barking cobra (Naja saipanensis), Desert krait (Bothrops hebdo), etc.

Venomous snakes can be venomous because they are poisonous to some animals as well as some kinds of food and drink such as poisons and non-poisonous food, making it poisonous. Some of the snake venom is also too small to be detected by the human eyes.

Non-Venomous Snakes

Snakes are known to be non venomous in the sense that, they do not have venom as its source of energy but they are poisonous when cut, scratched or crushed.

Generally, all reptiles, although they have different kinds of bites, they don’t have any venomous as their venom is neither established nor proved. Snakes possess small, two-sided fangs, which are generally sieve-shaped.

The venomous snake usually have fangs that are curved like (see Figure 1: ) and which are much longer and square.

In contrast, the non-venomous snakes, generally have short fangs, which are much shorter than the regular fangs and which resemble a comblike trident, and even though they have sharp points and edges, their length is shorter than that of the fangs of venomous snakes.


Snakes are a beautiful group of animals, but they are also among the most dangerous animals. Many have poison that can paralyze and kill if it gets into your bloodstream.

And there are snakes that just enjoy playing games with you, by ganging up with other snake species that are enemies of your chosen mate. Most importantly: you can kill a snake, but you can’t save it.

Once you see a snake, you can not stop till you safely get rid of it. Leave the snake alone, because he is warning you that it’s not a good idea to be around his home.

Remember the wise words of Richard Leck, the American adventurer: “a snake and a bullet are about as deadly as it gets”. Next time, think twice before you tease a snake. This was our article today in which we talked about Venomous vs Non-Venomous Snakes

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