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Veer-Zaara is a 2004 Indian musical romance film directed by Yash Chopra. It is about the love story between an Indian man and a Pakistani woman, set against the backdrop of the Indian independence movement.

The soulful soundtrack, composed by A. R. Rahman, plays a pivotal role in emphasizing the emotional drama of the film. With music that reaches out to your deepest emotions, Veer-Zaara is truly one of India’s finest cinematic achievements.

Veer-Zaara takes you on an intensely romantic journey filled with heartache and longing punctuated with moments of joyous celebration. Rated PG (Parental Guidance), it has been hailed as “the most beautiful love story ever told on.

Veer Zaara Full Movie Download Filmyzilla

Veer (Shah Rukh Khan) is an Indian Air Force officer and a romantic, happily married man. He also has a son named Sanjay Singh Vohra (Sandeep Parikh). Veer feels that he can make a difference in his family and community.

Veer loves Zaara (Preity Zinta), the daughter of an eminent Pakistani politician. He also has feelings for her that he keeps a secret from Zaara. The couple is in love, but they know that the rules of society prevent them from getting together.

Veer loves Zaara, daughter of an eminent Pakistani politician, but knows that their families won’t allow them to marry. Veer thinks he can make a difference in the world and takes a job in Dubai. One day, Veer meets Tasneem, and they fall in love. He proposes to her, and she refuses.

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Veer Zaara Full Movie Download Mp4moviez

Veer Pratap is a Punjabi man in the Indian Air Force. Veer meets Zaara when his squadron flies their planes over Pakistan airspace in Afghanistan.

Though Veer was engaged to Jasleen, but he can’t resist Zaara and decides to marry her. During a visit to Zaara’s house in Pakistan, Veer’s sister’s kid named Meera dotes on Zaara, so Veer decides to marry her instead. However, as Meera is divorced and has a son, Zaara refuses to get married to Veer.

During a visit to India for his sister’s wedding, Veer gets re-united with Jasleen. Veer also meets a nameless woman, whose identity is later revealed as ‘Kalpana’, and they both fall in love.

Veer is dismissed from the IAF and returns to his native village in Punjab. Veer’s father forces him to get married to Meera.

Veer Zaara Full Movie Download Filmyzilla

Veer Zaara Full Movie Download Mp4 Filmywap

Veer-Zaara is the film that Salman Khan was planning to make with his sister Alvira. This was the last movie Salman worked in before moving on to what is arguably his biggest hit Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

Veer-Zaara was a private, two-hour salute to Indian soldiers that left Shah Rukh Khan at the peak of his emotional powers.

In an interview, Shah Rukh Khan says, “I loved that day. I put so much of myself into that film. I really didn’t mind that it was about a ‘hero’ and not me because it’s a salute to the Indian Army.”

Shah Rukh Khan as Veer-Zaara, calls his girlfriend out of the blue and learns she has been deployed in Iraq. He decides to send her a love letter, promising her that he will meet her in three years.

Veer Zaara Full Movie Download Filmyzilla 720p

Veer-Zaara is a well-made film. Though, one has to be aware of the fact that it is a typical Bollywood film and one should be at least a bit alert while watching it.

It is expected that the audience of Bollywood might not get much out of the film, as it is a genre where we have seen many films.

The performances were really top-notch and almost all the actors appeared their top best and made the film worthwhile to watch.

Aditya Chopra and Yash Chopra have done a fabulous job and they should be praised for their unique vision and brilliant direction.

However, the only thing that bothered me was the final sequence of the movie. In the climax, when the heroine falls into the river and drowns, all the fire-dancers and novices also fall into the river in their dancing form.

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My opinion on this movie

Veer-Zaara movie has inspired me to travel to Pakistan and explore the country. If I ever go there, I would want to experience a Pakistani pakora and chaas (an Indian style sherbet).

Aamir Khan’s cameo in this film

One of the biggest reasons I liked this movie so much was Aamir Khan. He didn’t have much to do in the movie, but I found him to be amazing in it.

He played a scientist who invented the machine called the “Viswakarma” which would make him able to travel back in time.

The movie has many amazing shots, especially during the sequence where Aamir Khan enters the room.

Both Veer-Zaara and Devdas are the best movies I’ve ever watched.

Veer-Zaara movie verdict

Veer-Zaara was a subtle romantic movie and a solid example of great filmmaking.

Good things I liked about it

It’s one of Shah Rukh Khan’s best performances. His Veer is heart-wrenching, a man with good intentions and a noble disposition. The hero’s struggle to please the woman he loves has an emotional heft to it that even SRK in his most sentimental moments can’t match.

Khan and Zinta nail the chemistry between two opposites falling in love. In a Hindi film, their relatable naïveté is not jarring. They bring out the best in each other in spite of clashing views and sensibilities.

The movie was stylishly mounted and I felt that Khan and Zinta looked the part. Shah Rukh Khan also had his sequences to prove why he is among Bollywood’s top-notch romance actors.

It was also a departure for the actor to portray a man falling in love with a Pakistani. His aura and screen presence was appropriate.

Bad things I didn’t like about it

It has moments where it breaks your heart but somehow doesn’t grip your attention as it should. And these moments come early. In the very first scene, you see Shah Rukh Khan is in bed (of his own accord!), and then the very next scene is his death.

He’s known to be a love-sick man in his films but this time, his (un)requited love is made to be his death sentence. Because we know that she’s going to go to Pakistan, and he’s going to die, alone.

But Shah Rukh Khan’s character dies before we know his name. All we know is that he’s a war hero and has one last chance to propose to a dying woman. He does exactly that.

Of course, as the title of the movie suggests, he wins his lover’s love and is reunited with her and they live happily ever after.


Not all films have a happy ending.

Film: Veer-Zaara (2004)

Director: Yash Chopra

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Uma Pavan

Rating: ***

Duration: 122 minutes


Veer is an Indian Air Force officer who loves and is loved by Zaara, the daughter of a Pakistani politician. A fight ensues between the Indian and Pakistani forces that divide their countries. When they come face to face, after 10 years, it is apparent that they still love each other.


It would be unfair to blame Yash Chopra for not being able to write a good script for Veer-Zaara, which was most likely shot in almost the same way as in Jodhaa Akbar. We had just lost Roja when Veer-Zaara was released, and many felt that the story was similar.

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