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Ullu Web Series Download Filmywap

Ullu Web Series Download Filmywap

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The web series “ullu” is a satire on the life of a typical Indian woman, and how she survives. The show follows the life of Priya (played by Shama Sikander) who weaves her way through the maze that is modern India.

From juggling her career, marriage and family without losing her sanity, to dealing with the obstacles society throws at her every day – Priya fights tooth and nail to make it to the top.

The name ullu is derived from two words; one meaning “happiness” in Hindi and another meaning “world” in Sanskrit. Through this web series, we hope to explore this duality that exists in modern women’s lives.

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Ullu Web Series Cast and Ullu Web Series Cast Actress Name

Ullu Web Series Cast List 2021

Palang TodCast
Simran Khan – Nurse
Rekha Mona Sarkar – Wife
Tarakesh Chauhan – Patient
Lalit Dixit – Husband
Prabha Ki DiaryCast
Pamela Mondal – Prabha
Dinesh Soni – Anil
Prashant Guptha – Salik
Prabha Ki diary The WifeCast
Anusmriti Sarkar – Romilla
Somnath – Arnab
Manish Jain – Advocate
Pratik Dixit – Swapan Ray
Charmsukh Humse Na Ho PayegaCast
Luviena Lodh – Rashmi
Anshul Bammi – Ansh
Amit Thakur – Kishor
Riti Riwaj TijaratCast
Anupama Prakash – Tara
Prashant Manrai – Sachin
Aanchal Takalkae – Tara’s Mother
Ashok Kumar Jha – Rana Bahadur
Charmsukh Sautela PyaarCast
Devashish – Anthony
Rajsi Verma – Seema
Swasti Kapur – Ritu
Ashwin Kaushal – Joseph
Charmsukh SaudaCast
Ira Soni – Sumedha
Trisha Choudhary – Apeksha
Rohit Sharma – Hironmoe
Riti Riwaj Wife on RentCast
Hansi Parmar – Kusum
Payal Gupta – Rani
Sangam Rai – Sharey
Sagar Kudyar – Varun
Charmsukh Telephone BoothCast
Rimjhim Das – Amita
Rajat Bhasin – Karan
Gaurav Sharma – Jeet
Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 2Cast
Jinnie Jaas – Chandani
Sima Pari – Mother-In-Law
Deepak Dutt Sharma – Sasur Ji
Meet Arora – Husband
Charmsukh Role PlayCast
Divya Burman – Payal
Aakash – Anshul Bammi
Satyajeet – Doctor
Charmsukh PyaasCast
Aaarti Mittal – Bhabhi
Puja Mukherjee – Sister In Law
Shivam Khajuria – Boyfriend
Babita Anant – Mother In Law
Charmsukh Flat 69Cast
Thea D’Souza – Garima
Shalini Sahay – Jonita
Lolit Phulwani – Sidharth
Charmsukh *e* EducationCast
Rajsi Verma – Swarna
Manvi Chugh – Sudhi
Rahul Sharma – Jatin
Riti Riwaj Taala GhaabiCast
Anushka Srivatsava – Sweety
Gunjan Bhati – Pummy
Simrann Sharma – Kamini
Joshua Chhabra – Sherry
Charmsukh Pajama PartyCast
Kajal – Neeta
Jayati Thakar – Dancer
Vihan Verma – Rahul
Gaurav Kumar – Sam
Charmsukh PromotionCast
Hiral Radadiya – Devika
Mahim Kamla – Shruti
Nitin Bhatia – Rohan
Charmsukh Degree Wala TeacherCast
Mahima Gupta – Puja
Priya Sachan – Dolly
Anwar Fatehan – Trustee
Abhay G Shankar – Gupta Sir
Riti Riwaj Love FestivalCast
Supriya Shukla – Hema
Manvi Chugh – Jaya
Khusi Mukherjee – Kalki
Lalit Chaudhary – Jacky
Yash Pandit – John
Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 3Shreya Tyagi – Sister
Jinnie Jaaz – Chandani
Meet Arora – Husband
Deepak Dutt Sharma – Sasur Ji
Prabha Ki Diary Dil Se LekinAnupama Prakash – Saba
Maninee De – Dr.Neel
Avdesh Kushwaha – Property Agent
Riti Riwaj HaldiParas Babbar – Siddharth
Swati Agarwal – Smita
Monika Chauhan – Anushka
Palang Tod Mom and DaughterShivangi Roy – Trisha
Shika Batra – Saroj
Sachin Kumar – Mohit
Palang Tod Double DhamakaRuks Khandagale – Sister
Rajsi Verma – Chachi
Sagar Bhatt
Call CenterGehana Vashisht – Tashu
Shiny Dixit – Rozy
Swati Sharma – Rashmi
Sonia Singh – Sneha
Sachin Khurrana – Akshay
Rimi Srivastava – Chavi
Veeir Chudary – Veer
Charmsukh Chawl HouseSneha Paul – Renu
Dakshita Kumar – Ronit
Eshan Tiwari – Bhanu
Jyostna Trivedi – Snehal
Meenu Sharma – Mami
Palang Tod Bekaboo DilMusak Agarwal – Shreya
Nishikant Diwedi – Father
Sharad Gore – Uncle
Charmsukh Jane Anjane MeinJinnie Jaaz – Wife
Amit Jaitley – Husband
Manoj Dutt – Father-in-Law
Archana Shukla – Mother-in-law
Riti Riwaj PinjaraMishti Basu – Radhika
Mahi Kamla – Natasha
Kishan Bhan – Samar’s father
Suraj Soni – Samar

In the table, you can see all the cast of ullu web series, with complete information, the name of the web series, and its casting has been given in the boxes above. And below you can see all the latest web series list of ullu app 2021

The ullu web series has been around since 2015. It’s a popular web-series nowadays that many people are talking about. The ullu web series is about this young man called Lawrence, who lives an ordinary life with his wife and daughter.

However, Lawrence stumbles upon something that’ll change his life forever.What do you think will happen to Lawrence? Will he be able to keep his secret from being found out? Stay tuned for more episodes of the ullu web series!

Ullu Web Series Name List 2021

  • Palangtod
  • Rupaya 500
  • Charmsukh
  • Madhosh Diaries
  • The Last Show
  • Paro
  • Salahkaar
  • Auction
  • Bambai 4×4
  • Bhasudi
  • Blue Lies
  • Call Center
  • Catlady
Ullu Web Series Download Filmywap

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ullu is a series that documents the lives of five friends as they face the challenges of being adults, from finding love to figuring out careers. It’s not always easy to know what you want from life, but hopefully, these friends will show you how it’s done. |

The ullu web series was created because we wanted to see more stories about adults in popular media. We all have friends who are going through the same things as us-we just don’t always hear about it.

This series offers a diverse perspective on adulthood and allows people to live vicariously through the characters for a few minutes each day.

ullu is a digital destination for creatives to explore, collaborate and learn from one another. It’s a fresh take on the internet where you can share your art, learn from others and be inspired by new ideas.

ullu is a digital platform that brings artists together in an open environment for all forms of visual storytelling. Our goal is to provide creatives with a community of peers to inspire, collaborate and grow with.

ullu is all about making space for creativity to happen, down to the tiniest detail. We use an open-source CMS that allows our members to create their own personal sites with ease.

We also have a suite of tools built in-house that are designed specifically for visual creators like filters


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