Superstitions in India About Snakes

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There are many Superstitions in India About Snakes and we will talk about some of those superstitions. Although snakes are found all over the world, snakes have different importance in India.

The snake also lives in the neck of Lord Shiva and is also worshiped on Naagpanchami. We can say that snakes are an integral part of our society. This is the reason why many superstitions about snakes have also become prevalent in India.

In this article today, I will tell you which such things related to snakes are popular in India but not right. So let’s start today’s topic Superstitions in India About Snakes.

Snakes Drink Milk

Snakes Drink Milk Superstition

There is a belief in our society that snakes drink milk. Perhaps many of you may have seen snakes drinking milk. Nag Panchami and on many occasions we feed milk to snakes, so should we assume that snakes drink milk The answer is no.

According to biology, snakes are completely carnivorous creatures. They feed their stomachs by eating frogs, mice, birds’ eggs, and other small creatures.

charmers often show to snakes drink milk. For this, they keep the snakes hungry and thirsty. When milk is brought in front of a hungry and thirsty snake, he drinks it.

Since milk is not a snake’s natural diet, drinking milk sometimes becomes the cause of snake death. because sometimes milk goes into the snake’s lungs causing pneumonia and death of the snake.

Snake Take Revenge

Snake take Revenge Superstition

Friends, it is believed that if a human kills a snake, then the picture of the slayer in the eyes of the dead snake comes down. The snake’s partner chases him and bites him and avenges his partner’s murder.

Friends, there is absolutely no truth in this matter. According to biology, snakes are creatures of low intelligence. Their brain is not so developed that they can remember any events and take revenge.

According to biology, when a snake dies, it emits a special smell from its anus which attracts other snakes of that species.

Smelling this smell, other snakes come to the dead snake, seeing that it is understood that these snakes have come to avenge the killing of their dead partner.

Snake Dance Superstition

Snake Dance Superstition

Friends, you must have seen the snake dancing to the tune of the bean, whereas it is completely superstitious because the snake does not have outer ears and snakes cannot hear the sound waves coming in the air.

Snakes absorb the vibrations produced on the earth’s surface through a special bone in their lower jaw. The snake brings it under its protection from the tip of the bean and the watchers have the feeling that the snake is dancing.

Miraculous Gem on Snake Head

Ichadhari snake (Desired Snake)

Friends, many people believe that some snakes have gem, there is a shining precious, and miraculous gem above their head. If a person gets this gem, then his luck shines.

We can also call this belief a complete superstition because crores of snakes of more than 3000 species have been caught in the world so far, but no one has found such a gem.

Friends, thousands of snake charmers of India, and those from the Hirala tribe of Tamil Nadu who specialize in snakes also deny the presence of a gem snake.

Two-Headed Snake Superstition

Friends, it is believed that some snakes have mouths on both ends. Due to genetic change, it is possible for a snake has two heads instead of one head and this can happen to any creature on this earth, including humans.

But there are no species of snake that has a mouth on both ends. It happens that in some snakes, especially the Indian Sand Boa snake’s tail does not appear to be thick and stub-like, and the viewer realizes that this snake has a mouth on both ends.

Snake Mustache Superstition

Snake Mustache Superstitions in India About Snakes

Friends also believe that some snakes have a mustache. A species of snake have horns but no species of snake has a mustache because hair does not grow on any reptile’s body at any stage of its life.

Sometimes snake charmers do this or when a snake removes its skin, sometimes some part of the skin sticks around its mouth, and from distance, it looks like a mustache.

Flying Snake Superstition

Flying Snake Superstitions in India About Snakes

Friends, it is believed that there are flying snakes. By the way, no species of snakes have the ability to fly. But a snake is found in the rainforest of India and Southeast Asia.

Its name is flying snake, when these snakes have to go from one tree to another, then they shrink their body and jump.

When these snakes jump from one tree to another, it seems as if they are flying. By leaping, these snakes easily cover a distance of up to a hundred meters.

Ichadhari Snake (Desired Snake)

Ichadhari Snake Superstitions in India About Snakes

Friends, you must have seen wishful snakes in many films, sometimes they can change any form according to their wish, and sometimes they also take the form of human beings.

This is also a belief in our society, which is completely wrong. According to biology, no proof of the wishful snake has been found to date and it is just superstition and blank imagination of humans. Nothing more than this.

Snake Can Hypnotize

Snake Can Hypnotize Superstitions in India About Snakes

Friends, some people believe that the snake’s eyes have the power to hypnotize anyone. That is, whatever the snake sees in the eyes, that man or any other creature obeys the command of that snake.

Science also considers it nothing but superstition and blank imagination. People also believe that all snakes found on earth lay eggs.

But the truth is that 70 percent of snakes found on earth lay eggs and the remaining 30 percent of species produce children directly like humans.

Today I told you Superstitions in India About Snakes which are not scientifically correct. If you have a different opinion about this, then please tell in the comment box.

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