Superstitions in India about Super Snakes

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There are many Superstitions in India about Super Snakes and due to these superstitions, snakes have to face many problems. On one side, in a country like India where snakes are worshiped. On the other side, snakes are harassed in many ways.

Snake charmers catch snakes and make them dance, but scientists say that snakes can see moving things very easily. So the snakes wave in front of them and say that the snake is dancing.

There are many other superstitions about snakes in India. Today in this article we will talk about some Superstitions in India about Super Snakes.

Desired Snake (Ichhadhari Naag) Superstition

This is a fictional ancient tale of India. Desired snakes (serpent and serpent) are creatures of divine power that can sometimes take the form of human beings.

Some films on this subject have been quite successful. The only thing that can be said about this. That these stories are quite good from a creative point of view but there is no scientific fact or truth behind them.

Naagmani Superstition

Some snakes especially Cobra are believed to bear a gem on their head. it is believed this gem shines and illuminates the surrounding area. There is no truth in this story, although many stories have been made on this idea.

Guard of the Hidden Treasure Superstition

Hidden treasure means buried treasure in most cases. In Indian ancient legends, treasures were often hidden in earthen pots (mats), whose mouth was tied with a cloth.

These mats were given medicine in pits in the forest. An ideal for hiding snakes from the time the cloth tied on the pot’s mouth is melted and the surface of the upper soil gets washed away in the rainy water.

Used to be a place of refuge. It is not difficult to guess that if a fortunate person finds this treasure and a snake sitting in a pot, then how the story of a snake guarding a treasure will be born.

But the reality is that snakes have no need to sleep and they have never shown greed towards gold.

Revenge by Snakes Superstition

Is believed to be a picture of a person killed in the eyes of a killed snake. Later, the dead snake pair discovers the killer and bails him to avenge him. This superstition has no scientific basis.

The film is not used as a camera in the process of viewing animals (and humans). It is a purely chemical process that is performed by the brain. After the death of the animal, no reflection in the eye can be seen by others. It is also a myth that the remaining snake of the couple takes revenge.

Snakes do not create a social bond and they do not have the feeling of revenge. This myth may have originated in an area where snakes of a particular species would be found in large numbers and where snakes would often encounter humans.

However, this myth is very beneficial from the point of view of the protection of snakes. because only male snakes are found chasing females during breeding time.

Therefore, if the fear of resistance can prevent any person from killing a snake, then it will be beneficial for decreasing biodiversity.

Burning a dead snake confuses its partner

It is believed that the dead snake should be burnt so that all the evidence of his death is erased otherwise his partner will find his dead body and avenge his murder.

The reality is that there are no mutual social bonds between snakes. Snakes do not have a sense of loyalty to their partner.

The two partners split up soon after breeding. There is a good side to this myth though. After the venom in the snake’s venom Is also effective and snake bite can occur due to involuntary muscular contractions, especially when the dead snake’s body is held inadvertently for bravery.

Snakes chase humans

Reptile experts or scientists who study snakes never complain that they have been chased by snakes because they know that snakes are shy creatures and face-to-face attempts to escape. The other men get frightened after seeing the snake and run away in a hurry.

The snake moves forward by crawling in a straight line, so when a person running away from a snake looks back, he senses that the snake is following him. Snakes only pursue their prey and humans do not fall into that category.

No snake wastes energy in chasing something that it cannot eat. To date, no snake has displayed any sense of hatred or hatred.

Snakeshila (stone) sucks the snake venom

Snakeshila (stone) sucks the snake venom

There is no such thing as snakeshilla and even if such an object is shown by snake charmers, it should not be used for the treatment of snakebite.

Exorcism on Snakebite

Snake charmers often claim to cure snakebite with herbs. Tantric people in rural areas recite mantras for snakebite, smokers Burn chemicals, and sometimes beat the victim.

They claim that they can force the snake to come back and suck their venom. There can also be individuals who claim to be cured by these treatments.

These are all meaningless things. The snake cannot be forced to come back from the forest and once bitten, the snake cannot suck the venom back.

Snakes are not suckers. In this way, the logical explanation of the recovery of a person bitten by the pains can only be that most snake bites are caused by venomous snakes.

and these and perceived treatments only reassure the patient that something has been done for him and reduce his nervousness.

All these activities may seem interesting in films and stories. But in reality, it can be a waste of precious time. Which can be a question of life and death for anyone.

The most important thing is that all the patients with snake bites should be taken to the hospital for treatment.

Does Snake drink milk?

The snake is a reptile creature. Milk is a drink that nature has made for mammals. Reptiles do not drink milk naturally. Snakes that are worshiped on Naagpanchami are often caught several days before.

And they are not given anything to eat and drink. that’s why he drinks the milk kept in front to quench his thirst.

This was today’s topic superstitions about the super snake, I will meet you again with a new topic, hope this information will be useful for you.

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