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Friends, today I will review the film. Sultan. The story begins in Rewari, a village in Haryana. You know there are a lot of wrestlers out there and Salman whose name is Sultan is a bad boy who doesn’t do anything. But is an expert in robbing cut kites.

One day he sees Anushka whose name is Aarfa in the film who is educated from Delhi and is a state-level champion and she is also a wrestler. Now Salman wants to seduce Anushka and marry her, Anushka becomes his friend. But when it comes to marriage, Anushka insults Salman a lot.

She tells him that you are the witness of number one, before much difference between you and me, prove yourself to my level love and then dream of marrying me, this thing pricks Salman. Salman decides to become a wrestler.

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Salman turns out to be a tremendous wrestler and winning the gold medal proves that he is also on the same level as Anushka. Now both of them get married. Both husband wives make a splash by winning medals in tournaments around the world. Now Anushka is pregnant.

Salman Khan has to go out to participate in a full match. Anushka Sharma stops him and says that their baby can be born anytime this week so don’t go. Butt Salman has the ghost of winning medals on his head, he is very proud of his success and he does not believe.

Now on one side, Salman is fighting wrestling somewhere abroad and here Anushka is in hospital and son is born son has less blood and his blood group is O negative which is only of Salman and Salman comes back then it is known that son has died.

Now Anushka starts hating Salman and after that, there is an interval. Even this story is great, it is a very good love story. Now both the husband-wife start living separately.

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Sultan Full Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla 480p

Salman is very disappointed and has given up wrestling, but he wants to start a blood bank for which he asks for donations in memory of his son. But if that donation is not enough, then to start that blood bank, he takes part in a tournament in which there is a very dreaded fighter and where his life can also be lost.

Now this story becomes the same as the story of the brothers i.e. Round One Round to Wrong Three. Salman keeps on winning and keeps on earning money, but here a flat has also been left in the middle that is that one day, Anushka will forgive her husband and come back.

Now Anushka forgives Salman or does not come back or not, you will see again. Its in-play is very beautifully written, the text and the family have been mixed so well that the public will not be bored. The dialogues are very good and support the story of the film very well.

The music is also very good, two songs are very good. One baby likes bass and the other 440 volts. The action scenes are also very well shot and it is fun to watch.

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Sultan Movie Download 480p, 720p Pagalmovies

The cameraman has done a great job and the editing has also done his job well. Anushka has worked very hard to play her role and she has acted very well. Salman Khan has also played his role well and acted well.

Randeep Amit and many others have played their small roles well. Ali Bhai has done a better direction in this film. If compared, the first half attraction to their first fans is very good or should I say that it is a tremendous Love story does not need to say or listen much, only emotions are needed and that Ali Bhai has shot well.

Under what circumstances the Bengali brothers have missed this because I understand that the second half is a mix of two films, one like brothers used to fight round one to three and the other like Dilwale Shah Rukh Khan waits for that

Kajol will forgive him then I understand The direction of the second half of Hoon is very weak and Ali Bhai has missed a very super 10 opportunity which he had in his hand otherwise he could have made a super 10 film.

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Now let’s try to understand how the director will be made. A boy from Salman Bhai’s group told me that from the day Salman Bhai heard a story, he had decided that he would definitely do this film because Salman Bhai liked this story very much, so maybe Salman Bhai would like it.

Must have felt that because his Aamir Khan is also doing a film of a wrestler, then Salman Bhai should also do this film, just I understand that Salman Bhai

has given a film of 200 crores and has also given a film of 300 crores club, so now his target Should have been worth four hundred crores, which does not seem to be anywhere even far away after seeing this film.

So if this film has been made only because brother wants to earn one hundred and fifty crore rupees, then he will earn a hundred percent because Salman Bhai is such a big star today that even if he takes a shot and stands on an empty screen, the public will come to see.

And even then that film will do business of 100 crores. Overall, this film is not such that you would say that it is very bad. It is very bad, very rude, this film is fine and can be seen once with the whole family because there is emotion in this film too.

There is also entertainment in this film. There is action in this film and Salman Khan is also in this film. So I give this film. Two-point five stars and my business rating will be very bang.


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