Spectacled Cobra Species Profile & Facts 2022

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Spectacled Cobra :

Spectacled Cobra Scientific Name – (Naja naja) :

Everyone is afraid of this snake. I am afraid too and to eradicate this fear I tried to learn more about them and I found that as my knowledge was reading about them, my fear was also becoming less towards them.

Snake is a mysterious creature that has many aspects that make this creature different from others. Let me tell you what I learned about them.

There are more than 3500 species of snakes in the world. Snakes are reptiles that we call Reptiles in English. There are around 600 species of snakes that are poisonous. Snakes are found in almost every continent and sea of ​​the world.

Except for the Arctic region i.e. the North Pole and the Antarctic region i.e. the South Pole, snakes are found almost everywhere on the ground. Except for the Atlantic Ocean, snakes are found in almost every sea.

Types of Snake Species

Types of Snake Species

These species of more than three thousand snakes are divided into several families. Such as Colubridae, Viperidae, Pythonidae, Elapidae and many more. Every family has its own specialties. Members of the Elapidae family are poisonous.

Some members are counted among the most poisonous snakes in the world. Their bodies are thin and long. Their odors are hollow and permanent. This is important to know because there are some species that can move their teeth.

Except for Europe and Antarctica, they are found on almost every continent in the world and they are found in almost every sea except the Atlantic Ocean. But these areas are either tropical or sub-tropical wherever they are found.

Some members of the Aylapdusi family are very well known such as Black Mamba, King Cobra, Inland Taipan, Spectacled Cobra. Today we will talk about the Spectacled Cobra which we call Naag in India.

Spectacled Cobra History

The word cobra is derived from the Portuguese sentence cobra the Capello. A cobra spreads its ribs to the form of a hood. In addition to the cobra in the Elapidae family, there are some species that can spread their ribs.

The King Cobra is a very good example of this but the King Cobra is not a cobra species.

Apart from Elapidae, there are other snake families that have members who can spread the ribs. Spreading the ribs which is a defensive posture, whatever snake can do this is called cobra.

There are around 270 species that are spread in different families that can spread ribs. So far 28 types of cobras have been found in the world. Some of these can also live in water.

They are found in Africa, Central Asia India, South China, and South East Asia. The Forest Cobra of Africa is considered to be the largest cobra in the world. Its length can be up to two points two meters.

Mozambique, which is a country on the continent of Africa, is considered to be the smallest cobra. Its length is up to one meter. They can spew venom inside them while biting their prey while at the same time self-defense, they can spit venom in their opponent’s eyes from a distance.

There are about 14 such species of cobras that can spit in Asia and Africa. The Caspian Cobra of Central Asia is considered to be the most poisonous cobra in the world.

Until a few years ago the Philippine cobra of the Philippines was considered the most poisonous. But recent research has found the Caspian cobra to be the most poisonous.

Spectacled Cobra Reproduction

Spectacled Cobra Reproduction

The cobra species is Ovi Paris which means that females of the snake species i.e. the serpent lay eggs. This is important to know because there are some species of snakes whose females give birth to children.

Snakes are famous for their poison around the world. It is very important to learn about their poison.

Poisons of different species have their own characteristics and characteristics. Their chemical texture is also different. Poison is sputum developed and like spit, it helps in digesting food.

But unlike our spit, its chemical composition or chemical composition is such that it makes the victim relaxed at first. And before the snake devours its prey, it starts the digestive process.

Cobra Venom

Cobra Venom

There are three types of elements mainly found in snake venom, a neurotoxin that affects our nervous system or nervous system. The effect of neuro-toxin causes the victim to become paralyzed.

Cobra venom also contains cytotoxins, which affect cells. The cytotoxic effect causes cells or cells to melt. cobra venom also contains cardiotoxins that affect the heart of the victim or its heart, causing the victim to have a heart attack.

The cobra is famous worldwide for its venom, but you must be surprised to know that the cobra is not counted among the world’s 10 most poisonous snakes. You will also be surprised to know that cobras can bite without spewing venom.

They do this only for self-defense. It is estimated that about 45 times out of 100, they self-protect, without biting the poison.

Cobra Bite and Treatment

The snake of a cobra species has complete control over the amount of its venom while biting, so at what time the venom is released, depends on the mood of the cobra. After spewing the venom, the snakes are unable to protect themselves to make venom.

It takes both time and resources and if you have lost all your poison while protecting yourself, then you cannot even hunt. Like humans, other creatures are very much afraid of snakes and especially cobras.

So if you are a cobra and can scare your opponent without poison, then why waste your poison.

When snakes bite humans, in some cases they die within 15 minutes. But in all other cases, there is an hour or more. In the meantime, life can be saved if treatment is found. But the time taken by the cobra to bite takes an hour or more and the treatment is far away.

The cobra is not counted among the 10 most poisonous snakes in the world. In self-defense, about 45 times out of a hundred, they are bitten without poison and if the poison has been spewed in the bite, then the treatment can be saved in time. So you must be wondering why cobras are considered so dangerous.

Cobra Habitat

Cobras are found in Africa, India, South China, and South East Asia. These are the most populated areas of the world, so encounters between humans and serpents are also very much, due to which deaths are also very high.

If government statistics are to be believed, more than 10,000 deaths occur due to cobra bites every year, but these estimates cannot be true.

There are many reasons for this, most of the population of villages stay away from treatment. There is a shortage of doctors, there is a shortage of hospitals.

Even if the hospital is there, they lack venom resistance or antivenom. Inexperience is the reason why people in villages prefer to go to snake charmers, quacks, and vaidyas when they are bitten by snakes.

When people do not go to the hospital due to snake bites, it is impossible to guess correctly. There is another thing that makes the cobra species extremely dangerous.

The venom of the cobra species is not the most deadly, but when needed, they can spew such a large amount of poison that they become extremely deadly.

Human Interaction

Cobra Human Interaction

There are very few species in the world that can spew more venom than cobras. So the species which is responsible for so many deaths, it is necessary to get high status in medical science.

A lot of time, money, and resources are being spent learning more about this species and preventing deaths from them.

Another reason for the high status of the cobra species is in medical science. Some elements in their poison are used to make pain-relieving medicines. In an agricultural country like India, whoever helps save agriculture is natural to get a higher status.

Snakes help in keeping the population of mice under control. For this reason, they have a very high status in India. The cure for fear is knowledge, the more you know about snakes, the less your fear of snakes will be.

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