Snake Island Brazil world’s Most Dangerous Island

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Snake Island Brazil – (Ilha da Queimada Grande) :

Snake Island, where you will think a thousand times before going, so let’s know what is it on this island. friends this island has got the status of the world’s most dangerous and scary island. The reason behind this is the dangerous and venomous snakes found here. friends This island is in Brazil. On Snake Island, poisonous snakes have been inhabited not for a few years but thousands of years old.

There is only one thing on the hill here and that is Pit Viper Snake. says that it was home to island snakes about 11000 years ago, it was a part of Brazil at the time. but due to some natural disasters. It broke away from Brazil.

Snake Island History

When this island was separated from Brazil, at that time there were not so many venomous snakes here. But some amount of poisonous snakes were left. The island was completely empty. The snakes were not afraid of anyone and there was no one to kill the snakes. Because of this, they started their rules there.

Because there was not much to eat for the snakes on the island, they started hunting the birds sitting in the trees. Here every snake was sitting on top of every tree in the eyes of birds. Whenever a bird sits on top of trees, then a snake would catch them quickly, and thus Snakes live on this Island.

Because there was no danger for snakes on the island, they started breeding very fast and the entire island was filled with snakes. So many snakes are found on Brazil’s Snake Island, but here the most deadly golden viper is found on this island. It is said that once this snake bites, the poison in the cut area has such an effect that the skin starts to melt.

Its poison is far more than thousand times more poisonous and dangerous than a common snake. This snake can grow up to 14 inches long. It is said that there are more than two thousand such snakes on snake island. Because of this island is, even more, Becomes dangerous.

How Many Snakes are on Snake Island

Friends, if we talk about the total number of snakes on this island, then it is more than 20 lakhs. If a person gets poisoned inside him, then he will start having pain, swelling, vomiting of blood, and kidney failure. And in the end, he will die instantly.

More than 3000 species of snakes are found on this island. That is why this island becomes so dangerous. Except for this island, such a high amount of snakes is not found on any island. That is why this island is known by the name of Snake Island.

There are so many snakes on this island, so everyone is afraid to go here. It is said that there are 4 snakes found here in every square meter. And the snakes found here are mostly poisonous, which makes this island, even more, Becomes dangerous.

Snake island Famous Stories

Fisherman Story

Two stories related to snake island are very famous, which tell you how dangerous the island can be. First of all, it is a fisherman’s supposedly belief that the fisherman had gone towards the snake island. Could bring bananas from there. He was unaware of that place, he did not know that this island is ruled by snakes. That fisherman started cutting bananas, it must have been a while since he was bitten by a venomous snake.

As soon as the snake was bitten, he panicked and ran toward his boat to save his life. He reached the boat in some way, but he could not get out of it. It is believed that the snake venom made him helpless and immediately He was put to death. Shortly afterward, when the fisherman was found near the island, he was found lying in his boat. His body was soaked with his own blood and there was a fear of death on his face.

lighthouse operator Story

The second story is of a lighthouse operator on Snake Island, says
That the operator of the lighthouse lived inside the lighthouse with his wife and 3 children. One day he accidentally left the window of the lighthouse open and the snakes entered the entire lighthouse through that window.

As soon as The family of the operative saw that all the snakes have come in, so they got scared and rushed towards the boat to save their lives, only then some snakes hanging on the tree on the way had bitten them and killed the whole family.

Friends, no one knows whether this story is true or not, but after listening to them, it is known how dangerous and dangerous this place is. Friends, the common man is banned on this island. Permission has been given to send experts only so that they can go and search here and know more about snakes.

They have to make complete security arrangements. They are provided with all the safety equipment so that they can avoid snakes and no accidents happen. Every year the Brazilian Navy must visit this snake island once so that the lighthouse located there To take care of and repair the lighthouse. So you have come to know how dangerous Snake Island is.

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