Top 10 Non Venomous Snakes in The World

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We will talk in brief about non-venomous snakes in the world. Every human in this world is afraid of snakes. many people do not even know how the snake is dangerous.

Every person is afraid of them because of the fear of biting the snakes which are poisonous and which are not poisonous they have the power to fasten.

So today we are going to talk in this article about 10 non-venomous snakes of the world which are not poisonous so Let’s talk about these snakes without wasting time.

Northern Water Snake

Northern Water Snake Non venomous snake

These snakes are found in the North Eastern United States. This snake lives in rivers, ponds, swamps, and lakes. Their color is brown.

Many people are scared to see them because it looks like a rattlesnake and rattlesnake comes in the top 10 in the list of most venomous snakes in the world.

Northern waters snakes are very aggressive, if you disturb them a little, they can stick to your feet and can even bite you, which is likely to cause a lot of bleeding.

You can see them on the banks of the water in the sun. The Northern Waters snake mainly eats insects, fish, rats, and turtles.

Four-lined Snake

Four-lined snake Non venomous Snake

This snake is found in Europe. Its name is derived from the four long yellowish-brown stripes present on its body. Their length is up to 1.8 meters. It eats rats and lizards.

Eastern Garter Snake

Eastern garter snake Non Venomous Snake

The Eastern Garter Snake is found in North America and is more visible in grassy areas. It releases a foul-smelling substance to avoid its predators.

Their length is only 26 inches, their color is dark green and black and there are three yellow stripes on the body. Both males and females often move together.

Emerald Tree Boa

Emerald tree boa Non Venomous Snake

These snakes live on green trees and are also known as green pythons. Their length ranges from 1.5 to 2 meters. Their teeth are big. They are not venomous. It can climb trees very fast, it mainly hunts bird eggs, birds, and reptiles.

Rough Green Snake

Rough green snake

It is very difficult to see a rough green snake in green grass, it lives in open forests. They are thin and their length is up to 45 inches.

These snakes eat grasshoppers, spiders, and small frogs. They spend a lot of time in trees and bushes in search of food.

Bull Snake

Bull Snake

Bull snakes are also known as a gopher snake, they are green, yellow, brown in color and their length is up to 72 inches and they are thick.

They live in barren land and fields, they are good for farmers because these snakes eat rats that destroy farmers’ crops.

Black Rat Snake

Black Rat Snake

Black Rat Snake whose length ranges from 4 to 5 feet. It is found in rocky areas and mountainous forests. This snake looks like a venomous snake but is not poisonous.

It’s beneficial for farmers like bull snakes. This snake mainly likes to eat rabbits, small birds, and lizards.

Milk Snake

Milk snake Non non venomous

The milk snake is one of the most colorful snakes in the world. They have black spots on their body and also have red, orange, white stripes.

It is quite difficult to tell the difference between a coral snake and a milk snake, both of which look very similar to each other. Just remember that the red-headed milk snake is not venomous.


Python non venomous

Python is not venomous but its grip strength is very high. There are about 26 different species of them in the world. They are found in rain forests and deserts in Africa and Asia.

The African python, Indian python, Burmese python, and Amethystine python are the most powerful snakes of this species. Some species of python are also kept by people.

The ball python snake is the most popular exotic pet snake. The color of pythons depends on their habitat. If they live in the desert, then their color is desert yellow, due to which it becomes very difficult to see.

It grabs its prey completely and swallows it. It preys mainly on deer, wild boar, rats, and small mammals.


anaconda Non venomous snake

Anaconda snake is the largest and heaviest snake in the world. Their length ranges from 25 to 30 feet and weighs up to 230 kg.

They have four different species worldwide, including the green anaconda, the yellow anaconda, the dark anaconda, and the Bolivian anaconda.

The green anaconda is the largest, it is not very dangerous for humans but it can kill a person in one stroke. They attack humans only when humans harass them. It does its prey like a python. It depends on his appetite.

So these were the 10 least Non-venomous snakes in the world which do not have poison but have power, what did you like best about these snakes, definitely tell me in the comment section.

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