The Heaviest Snake in The World Green Anaconda

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Friends, the scientific name of Green Anaconda is Eunectes murinus. These snakes are found in the forests of South America. The color of anaconda is usually dark green. Anaconda is the heaviest snake in the world so far.

Black-colored spots are found on its body. This snake lives mostly in swampy places and its body color helps in hiding it. Its nose and eyes are on the upper part of the head which helps to keep a watch on the prey by hiding in the water.

You may have seen a film called Anaconda. The film was about a snake named Anaconda. It is said to be the world’s largest snake and also the heaviest snake in the world. So let’s know Some facts related to anaconda snake

Green Anaconda Size

Green Anaconda Size

Its length can be up to 29 feet and its thickness is 1 foot and if we talk about its weight, 227 kg of green anaconda has been seen so far.

According to some scientist’s estimates, this anaconda may weigh up to 500 pounds. Although there are also pythons that are larger than the anaconda in length, the thickness of the anaconda is greater than that of the python.

Anaconda is always near the water. It becomes more active in the evening and at night, seeking food for itself and roaming near the river drains in search of its prey.

Anaconda is a lonely beloved creature. It can hide inside the swamp. When it sees a victim, it attacks and swallows it.

Green Anaconda Hunting

The victims of anaconda are mostly large organisms because they cannot hunt small organisms due to their huge physique. Anaconda swallows its prey completely.

Due to the special shape of the jaws, it can easily eat even the largest organisms. All snakes living on earth have teeth and they also use their teeth but Anaconda does not use its teeth to catch prey.

Anaconda uses power to catch his prey. it is not a poisonous snake. If an anaconda bites someone, then it is not fatal. Like other big snakes, it can swallow prey far larger than its body.

Sometimes Anaconda also hunts by coming to the ground but it can crawl slowly on the ground. This snake has very weak eyesight and is able to see only very close things. However, he immediately senses his victim’s movements.

Green Anaconda Lifespan And Reproduction

Green Anaconda Lifespan And Reproduction

Female anaconda does not lay eggs similar to pythons but gives birth to children. It gives birth to 24 to 36 babies at a time who are about 2 feet tall and quickly learn to swim and hunt.

Female anacondas are larger in size than male anaconda. Green anaconda lives for about 10 years. Naturally, there is no green anaconda hunter.

Stories About Green Anaconda

It is bound to be a lot of stories about such a large and powerful snake. Just as the notion regarding python in India is quite common that it captures and swallows humans, similarly the people of South America believe in relation to Anaconda.

Some humans have been killed by this giant snake, but to say that it eats them is only a blank fantasy. The width of a man’s shoulder is so much that will be not easy to eat a human even for the largest anaconda.

In the face of a sudden encounter with a man, some humans have come in his place in panic or self-defense and have succumbed to them.

But on the basis of these deaths, it cannot be said that this snake huntsman with the intention of eating.

Anaconda Speed

Anaconda Speed

The green anaconda is a very good swimmer. They can swim in the water at a speed of 16 kilometers per hour.

Anaconda is very slow to crawl on the ground, so they prefer to hunt around the water. They can swim continuously in water for about 10 minutes without breathing.

Anaconda Strength

The green anaconda is not poisonous. Its greatest strength lies in its big size. It has the power to crush the largest animal. If someone gets caught in its grip once, then it is impossible to escape.

Because with the help of its powerful muscles, it puts so much pressure on the body of the prey that its prey is killed in a short time. After that, it swallows its prey completely.

Anaconda mostly hunts large organisms such as turtles, wild boars, fishes, and crocodiles. They do not need to eat weeks or months after eating a large organism. They have enzymes in their stomachs that cause the bones to dissolve as well.

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