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Friends, today we are going to explain the 2015 romance drama movie charlie after a lot of demand from you guys in this video, this movie has got a great rating of 8/10 on IMDb and 95% of Google users have also liked it, in the movie you are going to see Dalkar Ahmad and Parvati in the lead role, the movie is going to be very interesting, so stay till the last.

At the beginning of the movie, we see the lead role of the movie Tessa who was engaged to her brother. Her brother wanted her to marry a friend of her childhood.

Had to marry from there, she used to have to get married, she cannot say anything in front of her, she runs away from there and comes to her friend.

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On the way, the boy was wearing a helmet and he had a scooter. Near the police station, his mother’s call comes and where has she gone, she lies that she is in the beauty parlor, breaks her sim and throws it with her friend Asks to arrange the room on rent because now she wanted to learn music by staying there.

why her friend would die for her, arrange a room, and how Usman Bhai’s boy shows him the room and goes to the room. So she sits down and it was happening that the tenant’s belongings were scattered all around, he gives it to the one who is scared to see and gets scared and calls the goat and gets angry at them Why was the room not done before coming, let’s get it done.

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Asks her to take all her belongings, says that the goods are hers, once she leaves them, she also leaves the goods there and what she calls so much, she looked very beautiful after being cleaned.

Because all the stuff was kept in such a way that you get Facebook bends and only then we are shown the flash, in this a thief came to steal, started running away, caught him and started knowing his story, someone’s house would have to be stolen.

Now even 40 asks that thief how to steal, at first he refuses to listen and on the threat of silver, the sardine takes Charlie with him for theft when he tries to steal in the house but there he is in danger.

The dog is found, due to which Sunni runs away out of fear, but after befriending 40 dogs, he comes out with him, after that Sunni and Charlie go to another house where they try to enter that house.

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When he goes inside, he gets scared and asks to leave from there, tells him to let him see what is happening inside, and then whenever he goes inside, he also becomes fond and China China is eaten bitterly.

What was it that both of them had become one, this was it and wanted to know after that it seemed that even after searching the office a lot, nothing was found and only then a small child comes Usman Bhai asked him to clean the room.

Throws that child out, didn’t she want someone else to clean the room, tells her friend to stay away from her friend and goes away and she saw that she could ask him anything Already runs away from there, was lying behind him, meets many people in his room and meets them and starts to know about them.

the first sketch of which was of Usman Bhai, that’s why Usman goes to his house to meet Bhai. Tells him that he was a very cool man It is said that whenever he comes back here he goes to meet.

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That’s why it reaches, goes, it was printed in the newspaper, it becomes clear that it was given to itself for its own sake because he wanted to see what the rate of his fans would be after that many people asked him Mara also goes to meet her because of him, refuses, doesn’t want to talk, still follows her and asks about her.

starts telling and we are shown Flash came to her and she told that That’s why once she comes once, she has not seen till date, does not give it once, will do it all and takes it with her Looks like an absolute fairy was very happy because she never met, after that makes a check and asks to do it and then those people celebrate together seeing so much happiness.

Tears come from my eyes and hugging and crying I think I am so bad to get married Started selling Mary from the very next day, he used to get everything done and earn money from her, just came 2 days ago, then after getting her blood test done.

And came to know that there is such a DP thing that could not be right, tried a lot to find but that too was not found, Chali always helps everyone and keeps trying to keep them happy.

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After knowing this, the money was coming back from there, then Paisa gets a call from Mr. David and tells him that 40 is back in the city and how does he reach that place running away from him, only a boy from Go sends it to the group but when she goes to that room and sees.

there was no one else but Charlie, then she sees 40 going from her until she can stop, the boy in the room drags her inside, in fact, there is something in this building.

People used to come and stop and call the girls there and that boy had also called a wrong one, but after killing that boy, he comes out of the room and starts looking for Charlie.

she sees that he was going from there with a girl. She also comes running to him, but till then he leaves in his car from there, after that he asks the boy there about that girl.


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