Bride asking groom’s best friend to leave wedding after remark backed


Internet users have backed a bride who kicked her husband’s best friend out of her wedding after he complained about the lack of alcohol during the reception.

In a post shared on Reddit in June, under the username u/NoAlcWedding12345, the man who was thrown out of the party wrote that his best friend, who enjoys beers when out with the boys, married a woman who doesn’t drink. Therefore, the couple didn’t serve any alcohol at their wedding.

Their choice wasn’t welcomed by the poster, who had assumed they would serve alcoholic drinks. He had booked a hotel room and an Uber for the night, to be able to enjoy the party without worrying about getting home.

bride backed for kicking friend off wedding
An angry bride stares at the camera with her hand on her chin. The internet has backed a bride who kicked her husband’s best friend out of their wedding after his remarks.
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“This was not something we knew about ahead of time,” the Reddit user wrote. “There was a palpable buzz among our friend group at the lack of booze. I’m kind of p*****.”

A recent survey by, carried out on 1,000 Americans about their drinking habits, found that 53 percent of respondents prefer boozy weddings to alcohol-free ones.

When the bride and groom arrived and everyone cheered them, the poster asked: “Where is the booze?” And the bride said that, because her family doesn’t drink, and they paid for the wedding, they didn’t get any.

The poster wrote that he replied: “I tell them we should know that ahead of time. I say I wasted money on a hotel room and Ubering. I would have just driven if I’d known or maybe not even had come. The bride does not take my commentary well and implies I might have a drinking problem (I don’t, I only drink with my friends).

“The groom says I don’t need to be such an a******. I reiterate that I spent a bunch of money on something I didn’t need, we all did. The bride’s p***** at me and asks me to leave,” the poster added. “My wife and I leave, but it’s clear I touched a nerve. In our group chat, friends were mixed on me saying something. My wife said I wasn’t wrong, but my timing was wrong. So was I the a******?”

Florence Ann Romano is a personal growth strategist, and author of Build Your Village: A Guide to Finding Joy and Community in Every Stage of Life. She told Newsweek that the bride and groom had every right to make it a dry wedding.

Romano said: “There is no rule that guests need to be notified of this choice or any choice, for that matter. The bride, kicking them out of her wedding after their appalling behavior, is exactly what I would have done. Your job as a member of the bridal party, or even an attendee, is to support the couple, whatever they decide to do to celebrate their nuptials; and your opinions not only don’t matter, they’re not appropriate.

“As of 2024, I will have stood up in 16 weddings. Never have I given an opinion on a bridesmaid dress, decor, a bachelorette or wedding destination, or even the gown the bride chose, unless expressly asked,” Romano added. “And even then you proceed with caution. This guest and his wife made the wedding about them. That’s selfishness to the highest degree and they need a big lesson in manners.”

The post quickly went viral, receiving more than 18,000 upvotes and 6,300 comments on the platform.

One user, South_Blackberry4953, commented: “‘I tell them we should know that ahead of time. I say I wasted money on a hotel room and Ubering. I would have just driven if I’d known or maybe not even had come.’ You said this to someone who is supposedly your best friend at his wedding? What is wrong with you?”

Mmoct posted: “I would understand being disappointed. But to be so fixated on it, makes me wonder if he does have [a] drinking problem. He picked a fight with the bride and groom, who does that? I would have been mortified if I was his wife. He got [kicked] out, and mostly likely lost a friend over the lack of booze, it’s insane.”

Kasparian added: “While I do believe this type of thing should be announced beforehand, you saying you might not have even come to the bride and groom is beyond the pale. If you were only there for an open bar, you aren’t really their friend.”

Newsweek reached out to u/NoAlcWedding12345 via Reddit for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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