Anaconda vs Python Snake Comparison (2022)

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Who would win in the battle of Green Anaconda vs Python? Friends, both these snakes come on the top of the list of the world’s largest and longest snakes. that’s why we are discussing Anaconda vs Python Snake Comparison.

On one side is the Green Anaconda which is the world’s largest and heaviest snake. On the other hand, is the reticulated python which is the longest snake in the world.

So if there is a fight between these two, then who will be the winner of this fight. Will Python be able to beat Anaconda or will Anaconda defeat Python to become the winner of this battle.

We will find out Anaconda vs Python Snake Comparison in today’s article. What do you think about this, tell me your answer in the comment box?

Shape and Size

Anaconda vs Python Shape and Size

Green Anaconda is the largest snake in the world. Because it weighs the most among all the snakes in the world. Therefore they are also called giant anaconda.

Female snakes are larger than male’s anaconda. The length of a female green anaconda is usually 15 feet.

The length of a male anaconda is 10 feet. But they can be longer than their speed And they can weigh up to 250 kg. You must have heard about the 33 feet long anaconda found in Brazil weighing 400 kg. But most people do not believe this to be true.

On the other hand, the reticulated python is the world’s longest snake. As well as Asia’s most It is a big snake. An adult reticulated python has a length between 15 and 21 feet and can weigh up to 160 kg.

According to the Guinness Book, the world’s longest reticulated python is 25 feet 2 inches. And weighs 158 kg. this snake was found in Malaysia in 2011 and named Medusa.

At the same time, there is news that in the year 1912. A 32 feet long reticulated python was found in Indonesia. But not much information about it now exists.

Green anaconda and reticulated python both have different patterns on their bodies. On the body of the green anaconda, there are patterns of oval shapes that are black in color.

Their head is much smaller than their body and they have black and orange colored strips on both sides of their head.

Reticulated python can be of many different colors. They have geometric patterns on their body that look like a net, hence they are called reticulated pythons.

Speed and Agility

Anaconda vs Python Speed and Agility

Friends, green anaconda, and reticulated python are both bulky snakes. This means they weigh a lot, so their speed on the ground is very low. The green anaconda is less than two kilometers on the ground.

Therefore, any person can manage to escape from them on the ground. But it is very difficult to do this Underwater. Because no matter how heavy an anaconda is, it is very fast underwater.

Anaconda can swim at a speed of about 16 kilometers, which is 10 times more than the ground. In addition, it can hold its breath underwater for 10 to 15 minutes.

On the other hand, the reticulated python is also no less than an anaconda. As they are much faster to swim.

But like Anaconda, they are also very slow on the ground and can reach a speed of only 1.6 km. But pythons are also better than anacondas in staying underwater. Because a python can hold its breath underwater for about 30 minutes.

Anaconda vs Python Special Abilities

Both Anaconda and Python have very weak eyes and limited hearing, so they remain dependent on their skin and tongue to explore their surroundings.

With the help of their tongue, they receive the moisturizing and chemical surrounding them and put them in a special organ inside their mouth which helps them to know the smell.

Also, with the help of your lower jaws, you can feel the vibration and listen to the low-frequency sound.

Apart from this, both these snakes are experts in hiding. The patterns on the body of the reticulated python help hide them in their natural habitat so that other animals cannot easily see them. The color of the body of an anaconda is something that can be easily hidden in the mud.

Where they wait for hours for their prey. The eyes of the anaconda and their details are on the very top of their head, so they are You can keep an eye on your prey by hiding the body underwater.

The good thing about Python is that they have legs but these legs are hidden under their muscles and they have no practical use. Nevertheless, it is very important for the scientist because it is a great proof of evolution.

Anaconda vs Python Attack

Anaconda vs Python Attack

The method of hunting these two snakes is largely the same as both these snakes are ambush predators, that is, they do not run after them to catch the prey, but rather wait for prey for hours at the same place.

Anaconda and python usually hunt animals such as wild boar, reindeer, birds, and turtles but an anaconda can also hunt cayman and jaguar.

As you know that both anaconda and python are not poisonous so they use their powerful and muscular body to kill their prey.

First, it baits its prey and keeps them caught. After this, they wrap them with their body. both hold their prey so strongly that the blood circulation in the body of the prey stops and within a few minutes the prey is killed.

Therefore, if an animal gets caught by these snakes, then it’s impossible to escape. The jaws of these two are made in such a way that they can easily swallow even the biggest animal.

How Anaconda and Python Easly Swallow Bigger animals?

The question that must have come to your mind is how do these snakes swallow animals bigger than their heads, then the answer is that the unique structure of their jaws has many joints in their jaws which is quite flexible.

In addition, their jaws are made of two different bones, so they can open their mouths much larger and can also release larger animals from their heads.

Because Anaconda and Python do not have hands, they can hunt their prey. Use their teeth to push inside the mouth.

Both Anaconda and Python have 6 raws of teeth. Their teeth are in the backward direction by going down two and up. Therefore, when these two jaws are separated, then their teeth pull the victim inward.

At the same time, they do not get killed while leaving the prey, so there is a small hole under their tongue called the glottis, it is directly connected to their tracker which can be breathed while swallowing the prey.

It is only due to these characteristics that they can hunt such big animals. These animals may take several hours to swallow them completely and once eaten they can remain without eating for several weeks or even months.

Anaconda vs Python Fight

Friends, both these snakes are very dangerous and powerful. They use their powerful body to kill their prey within a few minutes, but in this task, a green anaconda is better than a reticulated python because a python hunts mostly on the ground and trees.

The same one anaconda hunts in areas around water. So whenever he catches a big animal and it becomes difficult for him to hold the animal, he pulls it underwater and tightens his grip so that the prey comes with a heart attack as well as his own Knees and he kills the victim easily.

Friends, in any battle, both competitors must be equal in size, but if one Anaconda and one Python are equal in size, then Anaconda will benefit more because it is said that a weight of 15 feet of Green Anaconda is a 24 feet reticulated python.

Is equal to, Therefore, if the size of these two is equal, then the weight of green anaconda will be more and it will also have more muscle.

Therefore, in this condition, Anaconda will defeat Python, but if both these snakes are the largest snakes of their own species then the result of this fight may be different.

Because in this condition a python will be longer and faster than an anaconda. But Anaconda will still be more powerful than Python, meaning that both of them will have an advantage in this condition.

Anaconda vs Python Under Water and Dry Ground Fight

Therefore, the outcome of this battle will also depend on where this fight is taking place, because if this battle is in mud or water, then the victory of Anaconda is confirmed.

But if this battle is on the dry ground then Anaconda will weaken in front of Python and Python can defeat Anaconda.

So friends, looking at all these conditions, we can say that only 7 out of 10 Anaconda will win this battle. What do you think about this news, please tell us in the comments?

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